Hello dear friends! 

My name is Diana Tuchs. 
I am an artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. Graduated from the State University of Culture and Arts. I love art and I love to share my love of art with as many people as possible!:)

My paintings are already in many countries of the world! It has become the main business of my life!

Peonies are my main source of inspiration. I love their volume, shape, expressiveness. Paintings with these flowers have become my "business card", Instagram followers call me "peony fairy")

My paintings, entirely hand painted on linen canvas. Every original oil painting in my store is done in traditional artistic style using highest grade oil paints and materials with textured, vibrant and rich colors.
You can order any painting in different sizes!

I have my own workshop where I spend all my free time, where I can create, paint oil paintings. I love my work very much, I like to convey my emotions, thoughts and inspiration to my canvas.
I want to share with you my work! My creativity, the world of my fantasies and inspiration, a part of my soul. 

Здравствуйте друзья!

Меня зовут Диана Тучс, и я рада видеть вас! Здесь Вы найдёте мои мастер-классы по рисованию, свежие работы и надеюсь, порцию вдохновения.

Я художник, закончила Университет культуры и искусств в Санкт-Петербурге.

Люблю разные направления, но «визитная карточка» конечно же пионы. Именно своей «пионовой» техникой я решила поделиться с вами в своих онлайн мастер-классах. Так что если вы готовы нарисовать картину как у меня, а может быть даже и круче – поехали! :)

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